Rinsing - sterilizing machines SC20

sc20 r bordi

Rinsing - sterilizing machines, rotary type, mod. SC-20 - designed for washing the inside of new bottles and jars before filling.
This range of equipment is the simplest and less expensive solution for solving in a professional way problems of :
- micro and macro biological contamination of bottles and jars - removing powders, small leaves, insects
- risks of serious injuries due to glass particles eventually fallen inside the bottles
The unit is including a rotary table with stepping motion, with 20 bottle-places.
One single operatos can easily handle the machine even at its maximum running speed, thanks to the placing and picking of the bottles from the front-side of the machine.
Thanks to a micro-switch detecting the incoming bottles, the water jet is sprayed only in presence of the bottle.
The rinser in the standard version is sparging water from the supply net; a version with recycling kit is available, to rinse with an alcohol based solution or a sterilizing solution.
All the versions are equipped with a 0,45 microns filtering cartridge
The speed can be adjusted up to 1.200 pcs per hour, allowing the machine to be used together with small automatic bottling - packing lines as well. 
n.b.:  the rinsing machines are not suitable for recycling of used bottles-jars


Additional Info

  • Working way: semiautomatic
  • Dedicated products: water, sanitizing solutions, alcoholic solutions, solutions with S02
  • Hourly output: from 500 to 1200 pieces per hour
  • Speed change: with inverter, by potentiometer
  • Voltage: 220V - single-phase - 50/60hz
  • Installed Power: 0,25 kw
  • Compressed air: no
  • Water consumption: about 40-50 L/h
  • Type of containers: bottles and jars in glass or plastic
  • Dimensions (mm): 1000 x 1000 x h.850 mm
  • Weight (kgs): 80