Automatic rinser for bottles and jars, mod SC4/6-A




The automatic rinsers mod. SC4-A and SC6-A, respectively with 4 and 6 positions, work with the disposable water injection system.

A special recirculation kit with integrated filtration system - supplied as an option - allows the use of a sterilizing or screwing solution.

The air blower version is also available.


The rinsing machines allow new containers to be rinsed internally before filling, without wetting the outside, with water previously filtered through a 0,35µm filtration cartridge.
They do not require equipment for additional formats: the format change takes place through a few simple adjustments.

The machines, mounted on height adjustable feet, are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and plastic materials that comply with the relevant directives.
The machines thus supplied are to be considered ready for insertion in bottling or food packaging lines.

The production of the machines is 800 bottles/hour in the 4-position version, and up to 1500 bottles/hour in the 6-position version.

The operator must place the containers on the conveyor belt, which will take them to the various working positions.


Automatic cycle of operation:

1) container positioning with automatic selection in the appropriate working positions

2) blocking containers with suction cups

3) tipping of containers

4) rinsing with adjustable timing

5) dripping with adjustable timing

6) return to conveyor belt for transfer to next machine