Linear monoblock for dosing + twist-off capping of jars RTW600


RTW600 bordi new

The RTW600 monobloc is designed for filling of jars with dense food products and closing by twist-off capsule.
On this model the filling and closing operations are automatic, the operator has only to refill the caps manually inside the capsule charger.
This solution is ideal for the small producers of food products, as it allows to work with a constant speed of 600 jars/hour, with a minimum handling of the jars by the operator.
Main specifications
- Stainless steel base-frame, fixed on height-adjustable feet or castor-wheels
- Linear conveyor section, 2 m. long, with motorized drive and jars storage table
- Pneumatic jar stopper under the dosing valve (no jar - no fill device)
- Volumetric dosing pump, pneumatic operated, ideal for filling of medium and high density food-stuffs (honey, fruit juices, jams, marmelade, sauces, creams, pastes, melted cheese,...); Aisi.304 quality stainless steel piston with teflon seals, sanification by steal or hot water; micrometric screw for precision adjusting of the dose, from 40cc to 1000cc; three-way double pad dosing valve with pneumatic on/off control, dosing nozzle with anti-dripping device;
- Capsule storage on single channel, capacity approx 25 twist-off lids;
- Second jar stopping for dispensing of the lid on the jar;
- Air operated twist capper, with low rpm operation and adjustable power; pneumatic piston for up/down motion of the capsuling head.
The capping head can be used with different sizes of capsules, without need of change parts.
Available options
 - Monoblock in 100% automatic version, with magnetic type sorting bowl, adjustable chute to fit different sizes of capsules, capsule presence photocell, doouble stopping position of the jar for capsule dispensing and closing - approx output 800 jars/h.
- product feeding hopper, connected to the inlet valve
- pneumatic operated plunging nozzles, with adjustable speed
- Instead of the pneumatic piston: rotary dosing pump, made in Aisi.316 quality s/s, electric power, adjustment of the dose by PLC with digital controller on the control panel, inverter adjustment of the dosing speed with start and stop ramps.
Extremely easy to wash and sterilize, ideal for food and cosmetic products.

Additional Info

  • Working way: semiautomatic or full automatic
  • Dedicated products: honey, jams, sauces, creams, mayonnaise, spreads
  • Hourly output: about 600-800 pieces per hour
  • No. of Filling valves: 1 pneumatic doser or gears pump
  • Voltage: 400V - 3ph - 50/60hz
  • Installed Power: 0,37 kw
  • Compressed air: 150 lt/m' at 6 bar
  • Type of containers: glass jars, round or shaped models
  • Dimensions (mm): 1800 x 600 x h.1500 mm
  • Weight (kgs): 600