Pneumatic volumetric dispensers, DV series

Pneumatic volumetric dispensers, DV series


DV series volumetric pneumatic dispensers can be used for precision filling of a wide range of food products (creams, sauces, jams, honey, yogurt) - or chemical-non-aggressive cosmetics (skin creams, lubricants, detergents, liquid soap, shampoo).

Made of stainless steel, they are equipped with a table support, or with a shelf adjustable in height and a support column; the dose is easily adjustable through a handwheel with graduated scale of reference.
The pistons are completely removable by clamp clamps for cleaning operations.

The dosers are equipped with a pedal control to start the dosing in semi-automatic mode.
A stainless steel hopper with variable capacity according to the models is supplied (for maximum precision we recommend the use of the hopper).


The dispensers are available in six variants with min/max capacity:

Mod. DV-7 5-70 ml
Mod. DV-35 20-350 ml
Mod. DV-60 40-600 ml
Mod. DV-100 70-1100 ml
Mod. DV-300 300-3000 ml
Mod. DV-500 500-5000 ml


Main specifications :

- Compressed air pressure : 6 bar
- Production: 3 to 12 dosed per minute, depending on the volume of dosage
- Fully pneumatic operation
- Precise dosing of liquid, dense and pasty products, even with solid particles
- Easy cleaning and maintenance
- Parts in contact with the product in AISI 304/316 stainless steel
- FDA approved food seals
- Semi-automatic independent operation
- Independent regulation of suction and discharge speed
- Treatment of sensitive products
- Heated hoppers with mixer on request

N.B. A specific series of dosing valves is available for dosing liquid products