Semiautomatic triblock mod. DEGO-TG


The semiautomatic triblock mod. DEGO-TG is a compact solution for champagne disgorging, corking and wiring.

Thanks to the output of about 300 x 75cl bottles/hour, it is the perfect solution for the small-medium sparkling wine producers.

The machine is including 3 main assemblies :

1) The 'disgorging' station, to perform the full cycle including :

- the de-crowning operation, by means of a manual cork removing assembly

- The 'disgorging', i.e. removal of some part of the wine from the bottle

- The addition of the 'liqueur' dose, by means of a volumetric cylinder

- The topping up, by a dedicated nozzle under a light pressure of nitrogen

2) The corking head for sparkling wine corks :

The corker, made in stainless steel, is designed for corking of 'mushroom' type natural corks for sparkling wine glass bottles (the same unit can be adapted on demand to apply the still wine corks as well).

The closing assembly is made of 4 jaws of hardened stainless steel, sliding on bronze supports, easily removable for removing the cork dust.

The unit can apply corks with max dimensions : diam.30 mm x height 52 mm.

For safety reasons, the corking operation is started by pressing two push-buttons and stops automatically at the end of the working cycle.

The corks are dispensed automatically, from a multi-pipes revolving charger with capacity of about 160 corks.

3) The wire-hooding unit :

The unit can dispense and close wire-hoods, thanks to a combined mechanic/pneumatic assembly.

The wires are loaded by a single-channel dispenser, where a list of approx 250 wires is stored.

The bottle is place on the table, then the working cycle starts by pushing 2 buttons at the same time.

At the end of the wirehooding operation, all the mechanic elements will stop.

Additional Info

  • Voltage: 380 Volt - 50 Hz
  • Installed Power: 3 kW
  • Compressed air: approx 20 L/min
  • Min/max bottle diam.: from 70 to 115 mm
  • Min/max bottle height: from 240 to 370 mm
  • Dimensions (mm): 2000 x 800 x h.2200
  • Weight (kgs): 400