Neck freezers "CCB" series 7-32-60-87-124-160


The neck freezers are used with glycol at a temperature of - 25°C/-28°C for freezing bottle necks for 'degourgement' of sparkling wines and champagne, "all inox" production.

The compressor starts automatically depending on the temperature of the hydroglycol mixture in the tank by means of an electronic temperature controller. The temperature probe for this is placed inside the tank where the hydro-glycol mixture is stored.

Forced circulation of the glycol is provided by means of an electric pump placed inside the refrigeration unit (for smaller models, agitators are provided instead of a pump).

Electrical and mechanical safety devices are provided on the gas and glycol circuit. The refrigerant gas circulating in the monoblock system is Freon R 452A.

The refrigeration unit in question is supplied with an operating and maintenance manual and a declaration of conformity in accordance with the provisions of MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE.

Equipped with:

- Round tank with manually rotating plate, made of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet and insulated with polyurethane foam.
- Plate made of polyethylene with conical necks machined directly from solid.
- Electric pump for glycol movement in the tank (agitators positioned on the plate for the smaller models).
- Semi-hermetic piston compressor type, compressing R 452A gas.
- Filter drier to eliminate any traces of moisture in the circuit.
- Ventilated condenser to dispose of the heat generated by the compressor.
- Coil evaporator for cooling the refrigerant solution to a temperature of 25°C.
- Pressure switch for controlling high and low pressure circuits.
- EC-compliant electrical panel with digital thermostat for setting and reading the glycol temperature.
- 4 wheels for the unit's movement.

Avalable as optional,the Temper 40 antifreeze mixture, based on water and glycol.