Single head capping - corking machines

mt pk bordi

 The automatic capping machines are designed to apply aluminim screw caps ot plastic screw or pressure caps, on glass or PET bottles.


All the capping heads are totally stainless steel made, so as all the main components of the machine.

The speed change is electronic type, controlled by frequency inverter.


Different capping systems are available for other types of closures : corks, crown and twist-off caps.

It is also possible to combine 2 capping turrets on the same machine, with different possible combinations, such as : screwcap + wine cork, wine cork + crown seal, screwcap + T cork.


The series of single-head capping turrets may reach the output of 2.500 b.p.h.; automatic caps feeders (pneumatic or mechanic type) can be integrated in the system.

Additional Info

  • Working way: full automatic
  • Dedicated products: wine, beer, olive oil, beverages
  • Hourly output: 2500 bph
  • Speed change: by frequency inverter
  • Voltage: 400V / 3Ph / 50-60hz
  • Type of containers: round and shaped glass and pet bottles
  • Min/max bottle diam.: 40-110
  • Weight (kgs): 600